Tired of Hiding the Extra Abdomen Skin

Top-of-the-line procedures in body contouring give hope to those with significant weight loss which results in excess skin. Body contouring helps to get the body in a more tighter form by removing the excess skin created from weight loss. Of course, exercise helps, but training and weights tighten the muscles, not the over-inflated skin. 

The Skin Stretches

The concerns of the skin start well before the weight loss. As weight gain happens, the skin begins to stretch and take on its new form. Hence producing those unsightly “stretch marks.” As the skin extends beyond its average capacity, it starts to lose elasticity, or the ability to bounce back.

The process is very similar to how a rubber band stretches to capacity. Once it has remained in a stretched period for an extended time, it will stay stretched without any resistance. The skin acts in a very similar fashion once spread beyond its intended capacity. 

The Weight Loss

As you begin to make better eating decisions, add exercise to the equation, and drink more water, the pounds start to come off finally, and you are feeling great about this! Furthermore, once weight-lifting exercises become a vital part of the workout regimen, muscle tone increases. Building muscle capacity is a way to reduce some of the excess skin. 

Sometimes, all of the excess, saggy skin is impossible to remove with exercise, diet, drinking water, and weights alone, especially in the troublesome abdomen area. Excessive, fast weight loss with a heavy concentration in the abdomen area can produce excess skin that will not tighten. Also, women who undergo medical procedures such as cesareans face a difficult time to remove the excess skin the abdomen area. 

The Tummy Tuck Procedure

Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is a cosmetic procedure that falls into the category of body contouring. Tummy tucks are notorious for removing an apron of extra skin around the hard-to-tighten lower abdomen area. Today, Body Contouring is a viable option to remove unwanted, excess skin. 

In the United States, there are hundreds of doctors who perform the tummy tucks procedure. For example, searching for a tummy tuck Columbus OH reveals all doctors in the area that, including those that are board certified. Try searching to find the perfect fit for your situation. 

Tummy tucks have a typical heal time of about six weeks, however, after about two weeks most can return to regular activity depending upon the job. For office jobs, many can return to work to work within a week or two. The procedure itself is only moderately evasive and usually is day surgery to possibly requiring an overnight stay. 

More and more people are opting for tummy tucks versus fighting for years with toning up an area that is resistant to tone. Do your research on body contouring and do what works best for you. It is incredible the confidence one can feel after successful tummy tuck surgery when you no longer have to hide the abdomen area.