What Exactly is Sebum?

Sebum: Origin

The word Sebum has its roots in Latin meaning “fat”. Sebum is actually nothing but the fat present in every square inch of the skin, in the pores of our body. The Sebum retains and locks moisture and water for skin during the summer season, and during winter it provides a protective barrier against the dryness of the skin by not letting the moisture and the water drain out of the pores and forming a protective barrier against the dryness of the winter season.

Sebum, if truly spoken, is present in every square inch of the skin apart from the soles of feet and your palms. It’s even present in the scalp of our head and sebum is actually what we call as “grease” in our local language. In our scalp also the sebum, if known to use correctly adds up to the mass and volume of hair. It can also add up to the moisture and shine of the hair. Though helpful on the scalp, Sebum, on the other hand, when clogs in the pores with dead skin cells gives rise to the painful acne and pimples but also adds up to the nasty 3am shine on your face and blotchy make up looks.

What can be done to control the Sebum?

First of all, know this for sure that food fats has absolutely nothing to do with the pore fat. The food fats gets broken up in our digestive system and does not get a chance to reach our skin pores. But definitely a check on the diet can definitely reduce the level of sebum in the body. The diet check here does not obviously refer to the reduction of food amount. Therefore, let’s quickly take a look at the things that can reduce sebum levels in our skin.

  • Diet Check: The diet check, we were talking about in the first place, actually referred to a change in the diet plan. Add the amount of consumption of Vitamin A to control the Sebum level. Adding up eggs, sweet potatoes and carrots can do the trick.
  • Exfoliation: The Sebum single handed my is not responsible for the outbreak of acne. It only happens when the Sebum in the pore clogs with the dead skin cells. Therefore, at least once a week exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin layer from the skin.

These are a few things if tried, can help you reduce the outbreak of the acne and the pimples and also reduce the production of sebum in the body.