Rehabbing like the Rich

Living in a world of money can be a crazy whirlwind of fun, but that’s not all money is good for. In the worst of times, having financial security makes sense, and you just can’t win with anything else.

Drug addiction and rehab centers are just one of the places money wins. To get a solid picture, imagine attending a public school versus a private school. It comes down to the difference between crowded waiting rooms and shared detox experiences, to personal one-on-one care and detailed servicing.

It makes you wonder how much it costs to cross over.

Price of Rehab

The prices on rehab can make your head spin. Luckily, for some people, insurance will take the brunt of the payments. For others whose insurance won’t cover rehab, low-cost clinics or at home detoxifications are just going to have to work.

Each program is different and must be checked out to make sure they fit the individual regardless of how fancy the treatment. The average treatment programs, like the inpatient rehabs in Scottsdale, AZ, can last up to 90 days and cost about $2,000-$7,000, whereas an outpatient clinic can range from free to $10,000 for a normal center, but Scottsdale isn’t as fancy as it gets.

For the most luxurious rehab centers found in California, the East Coast and now the Hamptons, these programs can range from $1,300 a month to the highest price of about $58,000 dollars! These rehab centers specialize in things like yoga, meditation, and resort-like activities. They also offer immense privacy, so celebrities can relax around other patients of their caliber or choose specific rehabs who make it their goal to treat everyone equally.

Top Expensive Rehabs

  1. Destination Hope

With all the other rehabs near the Pacific, the Atlantic had to offer something. Destination Hope is an $18,000, pristine, Florida facility, that is known for their strong family values. Those struggling with addiction know that it doesn’t just affect them but also those who they hold close. If one is looking to mend relationships, this is a great rehab center to choose.

  1. Promises

This location is on the West Coast and can cost $33,000 to $49,000 per month. The activities offered include gym time, fabulous meals, or rock climbing! It sounds like something perfect for an athlete. Some even called this a celebrity favorite, with people like Ben Affleck and Robert Downey, Jr. being admitted at one point.

  1. Passages to Recovery

Rehabs in Malibu seem to be very common; this one charges a whopping college tuition at $40,000-$50,000 per month here includes a private chef, library, fancy media room, juice bar, individual private therapy sessions, spiritual counselors, psychotherapists, acupuncturists, masseuses, and hypnotherapists.

  1. Harmony Place

The harmony place costs about $40,000 per month and is also in Malibu California. It’s mostly known for its layout: nice hardwood floors, cozy fireplaces, and very comfy beds. As far as programs go, psychotherapy is encouraged, along with other luxury amenities.

  1. The Sanctuary

At $18,500 per week, this self-proclaimed sanctuary is located in Australia. The activities offered include meditation, yoga, shiatsu, and therapy. Their website states “no groups, no shared facilities.” Because of the price, one can imagine there’s a whole lot more but you’ll never know unless you go.

  1. The Meadows

The Meadows has locations in the Texas and Arizona. For a month, the patient would pay $33,500. The building resembles a ranch and has been open for the last 40 years, helping all manner of people who walk through their door. Suffice to say, they know what they’re doing.

  1. Privé-Swiss

The name of this facility alone says privilege; with a really high price tag, the clientele that attends Privé-Swiss are guaranteed as much one-on-one focus as they want. There are four locations total—three in the West Coast and one on the East Coast in Connecticut. This rehab center is rumored to only allow three clients at a time, making it worth it for those who can afford it.

  1. Cottonwood Tucson

Compared to the others at $21,000 a month, this one doesn’t seem too high on the list. But for athletes, this might be a number one pick. The location has a swimming pool and a space for basketball, volleyball, and other sports. Hidden out in the middle of the Tucson desert, there’s no way you can’t focus on getting sober here.

  1. Cirque Lodge

What is in Utah? Cirque Lodge is, that’s what. This resort-style rehab offers horseback riding, a ski lodge, and the perfect view. The fact that it’s in Utah offers the added bonus of a bit of seclusion for those who want privacy, granted the price tag is $30,000. Nevertheless, this rehab center offers many amenities for those willing to recovery and chalk up the price.

  1. Beau Monde

Although it costs about $96,000 a month, the Beau Monde has locations in Newport Beach, Hollywood Hills and Laguna Beach. The staff will give you massages and even shopping trips, and apparently whale watching while you stay and work on your recovery.

Wealthy People in Rehab

If you made it through that long list of luxurious rehab centers, you’re probably wondering who on earth can afford them or have been there. The likes of Diana Ross, Ben Affleck, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Tiger Woods frequent these locations.

Some, like Whitney Houston, Kid Rock, Charlie Sheen and Elton John have gone more than once. With the colorful platter of celebs being catered to, it’s clear that drug and alcohol addiction plagues us all.

In the end, these outlandish rehabs get the job done just like the centers in our small communities. And although they may be a little ostentatious, if it helps one person get the help they need, then it’s completely worth it.