Importance of air

You can barely survive 3 days without water but you can’t survive more than 10 minutes without air. As we are human beings, on average, we breathe over 3000 gallons of air each day. Is it ok to breathe polluted air? Breathing polluted air can irritate your throat and make breathing difficulties; even the tiny airborne particles can trigger respiratory problems, especially for people with asthma. Every year about 30 million people are suffering from asthma and respiratory problems.

What is causing the air to be polluted?

Air is being polluted by many human activities such as factories, buses, trucks, motor vehicles, power plants etc. Air pollution is also caused by many natural activities such as eruption of volcano, earthquakes and forest fire.

Solution for fresh air

National air quality has improved over last 20 years, many people stood for the better care of atmosphere and public health. In many house and markets air purifiers are installed to filter the air and provide people with some healthy air.


Ecoquest was made in 2000. Ecoquest has changed names over the years. It started from Electrolux, then started the name ecoquest. It spun off from alpine to focus on research and development for water and air purification technology. The CEO of ecoquest (Mike Jackson) took his company to a marvel growth with an experience of 27 years. So, what actually ecoquest do? Ecoquest purifies the air and spread it in your entire home.

Air purifier

Air pollution is a very harmful and serious problem, from the last 20 years, many peoples are trying to find a solution for air pollution, at last ecoquest have discovered air purifiers. Now a days if you want your loved ones to stay healthy, just order for an ecoquest air purifier. Let’s see how an air purifier works. The purifier first takes in the air and filters it from the dust by special plates, it then passes the air through some ultra-violent light beams which kills the bacteria and germs and it adds some beautiful smell in the air. It is very important to use air purifier because we used to stay about 90 percent of our life in our homes.

How to buy a good air purifier

Before buying anything, you should know the price and the abilities of the thing, so there are many companies that sell different types of air purifiers, so you should know that the one you are buying is suitable for you or not, for example, if you don’t like the smell of cigarette so make sure that your air purifier have abilities to eliminate fumes and other gases. Also make sure how much area does your air purifier covers. There are many other things you should be aware of before buying the purifiers, you have to change its plates after some time and how much they cost and make sure to see how much energy does it take, does it make noise and do check the warranty before buying a air purifier.

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