How Creative Geniuses Come up with Great Ideas

Creativity is a talent which is neither inherited nor acquired. If you are creative you can only sharpen your skills by exposing yourself to creative environments and like minded people. This is the reason that creative people are always found spending time with people who can understand and appreciate their work. For example- artists are mostly found mingling with the other artists only or otherwise they tend to spend time alone to foster their creativity.

Now what are the creative environments?

A creative environment is nothing but your own space where you feel free to express and creatively active. An environment can be created with the help of colleagues, office set ups or even by spending time in natural surroundings. A creative genius, however, is not reliant upon any constraint. With regular implementation of the ideas and analysing their effects- one gets motivated for coming out with new and marvellous ideas. Some people even opt for guided meditation for creativity which is a very good technique for people to explore their hidden talent.

So, how do the creative geniuses always tend to come up with great ideas?

Let us learn a few interesting facts about creativity and how can you nurture your own creative talents in more practical ways:

  1. Think, re-think and skip:

“Creative” is meant to break the monotony. So if you are a hard working fellow and do not settle down unless you have excelled on something- you need to learn this lesson of creativity.

Creative works need hard work but ideas do not. For example if you are asked to give some creative concept for designing a new ad campaign- you will write down some of the ideas that come to your mind initially. If you want even better ideas- try to do something else in between. It means once you have started thinking on some lines- try to take a break for considerable time. Do something else that you enjoy in the break. May be a game of tennis or anything similar won’t be a bad idea. Come back to your job- re-think and see how the ideas get flowing to your happy and excited mind.

  1. Guided meditation for creativity:

Creativity is about fearlessness to express your ideas. If fear and distraction exist in a mind- creative ideas tend to take a back seat. Therefore, the Mind Valley Academy has started a course of guided meditation for creativity. You will learn how to clear your mind of the unwanted thoughts and clutter of irrelevant information. You will be guided to feel free, worthy and creative. Your mind will come at peace with your existence and you will start appreciating the immense creative works of nature and humans all around you.

Thus, taking up a few sessions of this guided meditation for creativity is definitely worth.

  1. Discussions and Feedback:

Once you have jotted down a few creative ideas for your next assignment- now is the time to pick up the best one. Present your ideas to your team and ask for their feedback. Take the criticism and appreciation in a healthy way and improve your ideas with their feedback. Such healthy discussions lead to generation of more constructive ideas that become a breakthrough in times.