Dental Implants in Burbank CA

According to this report from the NIDCR website an estimated 10.13% of adults between 50-64 years of age were reported to suffer from tooth loss or decay between the years of 1999 and 2004. Though this number is thought to have decreased since then, there are still frequent cases of adults between these age groups suffering from this problem with almost 4% of adults between the ages of 20-64 having no remaining teeth at all.

Thanks to a dentistry company offering dental implants Burbank CA adults and children now have the opportunity to remedy this thanks to a select team of dental implant professionals. Serving the North Hollywood and Greater Los Angeles areas this procedure done by Dr. Elzayat can assist in addressing misalignment, facial contour problems and smile embarrassment awareness (since of course everyone deserves to smile). Though most people have been noted to begin this dental recovery process with dentures or a dental bridge, it’s said most patients are left desiring more, thus where this particular brand of dental service was born.

Based on information from the NCBI website regarding the history of Dental implants we learn that the culture of using various objects to replace missing teeth is a practice that extends back to the dawn of human history, with origins back all the way in Ancient Egypt, forward to the Ancient Mayans and now to present day where researchers at the Universitat Jaume I in Castello, Spain have developed an implant with a dissolvable biodegradable material that helps people with bone defects like osteoporosis called the Soldent project.

As the technology and innovation around implants continues patients will be exposed to more and more options for a comfortable experience relating to their dental health and happiness. Most patients that finished their implant work in the California office remarked afterwards they “forget their replacement tooth is not completely natural.” This is because dental implants done in the Burbank office are designed to take the place of missing roots. This is to aid in the prevention of jawbone loss. Because their implants get situated within the jawbone they will, over time, fuse to the healthy bone. This helps with structural integrity – a security that most other tooth replacement systems do not offer. 

Designed around your individual needs the service of dental implants is where tiny columns or “posts”, made of strong corrosion-resistant titanium are advantageously placed for the optimum jaw and mouth support. A single implant may be placed, or several may be laid depending on the structural needs of your particular appliance.

Another security they offer is your implants will never become irritated due to a ill-fitting device. They secure their patients in the safety they will never have to experience the embarrassment of their dental implant slipping out while they eat, smile or speak. As an added bonus they ensure patients will be able to continue eating all of their favorite meals and do it with the confidence that their dental implants will leave them with a lasting, and healthy smile.